Medium Gallery Photo 2014

Medium Gallery Photo 2014


"...Tiny keeps the blues alive and pay(s) tribute to the originals."- Eddy "The Chief" Clearwater 

Dedicated to his craft, the originality and prowess of Tiny Miles is sure to impress even the most critical of skilled technicians. Tiny Miles casts a spell over the audience with the soul and passion of 1950's Chicago blues and Memphis rockabilly music. At a Tiny Miles showcase - one can expect a soul-stirring experience in an energetic performance of roots music soaked in retro vibes, coupled with a level of professional musicality that must be witnessed first hand.

Tiny Miles has performed at the following venues in the the United States

Paramount Theater Aurora

Skokie's Backlot Bash 2014

Evanston Ethnic Arts Festival 2014

Big Blowout Festival 2013 & 2014

Quennect4 Radio Festival 2012 & 2013

Blastoff Festival Columbus Ohio 2012

Hambone's Blues Party 90.9 WDCB Radio Show

Honky Tonk BBQ Chicago 

Ashley's Lounge- Long Beach CA. 

Kochanski's Milwaukee 

Brauerhouse Lombard 

NWI Mixtape FM 

The Gallery Cabaret

Harlem Avenue Lounge

Kingston Mines

Buddy Guy's Legends

Monday Night Car Shows Skokie,IL.

Century Theaters Rhythm Room


Maggiano's Italian Dining 

Westfield Shopping Center

Oakton Community College

Lilly's Rock Club 

Reggie's Rock Club

Velvet Lounge Jazz Club Chicago

Elbo Room 


Lazarus Lounge 

Mecca Supper Club


Tonic Room

Dilligaf's Pub

Bar 10 Doors

Drum and Monkey Chicago

Pick Ups Bar Lansing,IL

Upcoming shows

Tiny Miles is occasionally available for corporate events and professional gatherings that require great music. Both as a trio and as an acoustic act.
Contact: (847) 977-4043
Email   : 

Tiny Miles & the Big Kids is comprised of a top-notch crew of rotating musicians primarily revolving around Tiny Miles and Krikor Paylan. These are the men who make up the trio's tight rhythm section.
With Tiny Miles at the helm, each of these players are musical craftsmen in every sense of the word. 
Included in this list is:

Krikor Paylan-Bass/Vocals

Patrick Setter-Drums

Daniel Fiddler-Bass


Mack Khouri- Drums

John Perrin-Drums

Zach Lentino-Bass

Dan Leali- Drums

Chuck Zayas- Bass

Dave Forte- Bass

Musical gear

Tiny Miles uses:
Epiphone Wildkat Electric Guitar

Gretsch Rancher Jumbo Acoustic Guitar
Fender Excelsior Amplifier
Fender Blues Jr. Amplifier