Thoughts and Lack-thereof

2014 Danelectro Quality vs. 1959 Danelectro Quality 

So I've recently been performing live with a brand spankin' new 2014 Danelectro DC59 NOS guitar. They claim that they had lipstick pickups which were lost in a warehouse for over 15 years, until recently, so they outfitted the Jimmy Page spec 59 reissue with them. And let me tell you, the build quality on this guitar is far better than that of the originals. It retains the same lightweight masonite body, two lipstick pickups (15 y old NOS)  and an adjustable bridge as opposed to a wooden one. The 59 NOS is manufactured in Korea. The other main guitar I use for live performances with the Big Kids was also made in Korea by Epiphone- another great guitar. 
I'd recommend this guitar to you folks out there looking for a, not-quite-fender, not-quite-gretsch sound. 

Hot Rod Motivator Solo Acoustic Extravaganza! 

So the new acoustic album is almost finished being packaged and will then be available for sale at upcoming Tiny Miles performances. This album includes a vast array of classic blues, rockabilly, and folk renditions that are sure to get you grinnin'. 

The trio is looking forward to releasing some interesting and exciting news regarding upcoming performances, so stay tuned! 

New Record 

Welp, we've been keeping really busy these past four years. We've been playing constantly and haven't stopped our momentum one bit.. We've made time to plan and record a rockin' new record as well. At the end of March we head back to the magical Hi-Style records to be recorded by a brilliant musician himself, Alex Hall. 

Looking forward to sharing some great new songs and custom artwork with everyone. 

Tiny Miles

Shows of the Future 

 Welp, we got some seriously exciting shows coming up in the next 3-4months. The acoustic gigs can be lengthy which gives me such a good chance to stretch out and really play some great tunes. Hope to see some friendly faces as well as some new ones! 

I dunno, he just died. Told me to stay gold.  

 I've always been impressed by the amount of influence that the arts share with each other. Film and early television is my personal favorite to pick up some inspiration, especially the ones that really stick in your head for days after you watch it. Music also has a gargantuan effect on how films are created, or at least how they're arranged/edited. I strongly recommend indulging in an old film or television show every once in a while. Or every once a day, just to keep your creative mind on track. 

Tiny Miles

I'll burn that bridge when I get to it 

The music industry is pretty difficult to sum up on a local level, but fairly easy to sum up as a whole. Local music is a lot more raw and open to interpretation due to the fact that it's kind of like woodshedding while you're out on the scene. On a bigger level it seems that there is a lot more emphasis on remaining in a certain mode or style, otherwise your fans will reject your work. This brings me to my next point in the local music scene; Some people play their way to the top, and some people pay their way to the top. So it can be assumed that if a musician or group is loaded with cash, they have more access and opportunities for bigger shows, venues, and paychecks. The big part of that, which I really don't like, is that it isn't fair. That it conveys a false sense of professionalism within a false economy for the artist, and keeps spiraling upwards and into the mainstream- like a drag racer with too much power in his engine and not enough suspension for the structural integrity of the car, but he's got damn good tires keeping him level on the strip.
It's hard for me not to be judgemental about these things, because it's a very steep climb to get recognition for your work in most any avenue of life- but it's extremely difficult when there are kids who have so much more of an advantage via the choices they make with their wallet.

Friends...Ones we can depend on!...Friends 

 Recently I've been doing a lot of reflecting on all of the wonderful people who help support the lifestyle we're trying to achieve. Not only as a band, but individually, we've gotten into some, well, "hairy" situations. All the while, there is a great big ol' group of people who have our back, and this keeps our positivity at an all time high. It's really hard to get discouraged when there are so many factors going into the reasons to keep moving forward. For that, I offer the exact same support- and look forward to continuing these great relationships we've established. Good vibes can be hard to come by for some people, and for me it can be the catalyst to songwriting, live performance, and the blood,sweat, and tears that goes into our craft. Seeing a great show with a tight band can offer that intoxicating magic to the audience. Good vibes, good friends and support from fans are what brings that magic to life on stage for us- and I wouldn't trade it for anything. 

-Tiny Miles

There's the sign post up ahead, you're next stop- The Twilight Zone! 

 As a means to satisfy my cravings for finding cool music, I've been wearing out the needle on the old Sun stuff. I feel like the grit and intensity in those recordings is something that modern engineers have a tough time replicating, even/especially with their fancy digital equipment. However, this brings me to an interesting notion. I've always believed that one's musical tonality will travel with them, regardless of the instrument chosen to express it.
A few examples, a premier banjo player picking up an electric guitar and having the same overall feeling and emotion as with the banjo. A tap dancer who also has a wonderful singing voice. A painter who is also an incredible sculptor. The interesting thing about it is that they carry over a certain style into every avenue of life. 
My point is, it may not be the grain and lack of technology in these old recordings which makes them so fascinating and energized. It's absolutely in the style , the crafted passion of the musicians on record. I would also say that style is very difficult to fake, and is very easily detected as fake. What happened to style?