2014 Danelectro Quality vs. 1959 Danelectro Quality

So I've recently been performing live with a brand spankin' new 2014 Danelectro DC59 NOS guitar. They claim that they had lipstick pickups which were lost in a warehouse for over 15 years, until recently, so they outfitted the Jimmy Page spec 59 reissue with them. And let me tell you, the build quality on this guitar is far better than that of the originals. It retains the same lightweight masonite body, two lipstick pickups (15 y old NOS)  and an adjustable bridge as opposed to a wooden one. The 59 NOS is manufactured in Korea. The other main guitar I use for live performances with the Big Kids was also made in Korea by Epiphone- another great guitar. 
I'd recommend this guitar to you folks out there looking for a, not-quite-fender, not-quite-gretsch sound.